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Beware of Facebook Asking Personal Questions


Facebook has launched a new feature that sees the social network asking users questions about themselves. Did You Know, as the feature is called, is reminiscent of tbh, which Facebook acquired back in October 2017. The problem is trusting Facebook enough to answer truthfully.

In October, Facebook acquired an app called tbh, which was adding users left, right, and center. Since the acquisition, interest in tbh has fallen off a cliff, probably because people know Facebook will eventually consume the best parts of tbh. In fact, this may have already started.

Did You Know Facebook Knows Too Much?

Did You Know sees Facebook asking questions about your life, loves, and ambitions in a quest to find out more about you. As reported by TechCrunch, questions include “My biggest inspiration in life is…”, “The superpower I want most is…”, and “I’d want to be stuck in an elevator with…”

The idea is to get you to open up about yourself, with your friends able to see your responses to these difficult questions. You CAN opt out of sharing your answers with your friends, but the default is to be open and honest with everyone you’re connected to on Facebook. And vice versa.

Beware of Facebook Asking Personal Questions how tbh works

The parallels with tbh are obvious. While tbh focused on you answering questions about your friends, which were then delivered to them as compliments, this turns the process upside-down. Which is why some people think this is just an excuse for Facebook to collect more data on us all.

Do You Trust Facebook’s Motives?

Did You Know could be a nice little feature adding some much-needed fun to Facebook. With people sharing more bad news stories, Did You Know could provide a welcome distraction from the misery. But that depends on people trusting Facebook’s motives here. And I’m not sure I do.

Did you use tbh before Facebook acquired the app? Did you like the way it worked? What do you think of Did You Know? Do you trust Facebook to use your answers responsibly? Or are you concerned about Facebook using it for its own ends? Please let us know in the comments below!

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