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5 Household Hacks and DIY Experts Who Help Organize Your Home


It’s a hard job to keep your home clean and organized, but it’s a job that needs to be done. Still, with a few tricks and hacks, you can make this much easier than it is. Check out these household hacking experts for tips.

While these bloggers are Americans, the tips aren’t for American households alone. Most of them are generic and applicable anywhere in the world, like saving money while decorating your home

Jill Nystul’s tips and tricks, found at her blog, have made her internet famous already. A simple writing style, plenty of good photos, and clear instructions make her hacks stand out from the crowd.

Jill has a little bit of everything, from cleaning tips to printable productivity planners. She focuses a lot on natural remedies too, and the use of natural oils and essences for household hacks. You can directly go to the Homekeeping category, but you’ll miss out on several other great tips.

There is now also a By Jillee YouTube channel, where she recreates or demonstrates some of her most popular hacks. But it’s not updated as regularly as the blog, so the website should still be your main source of good things by Jillee.

Does your home sometimes feel like a circus, and you’re the ringmaster? Rachel Silla Miller at One Crazy House can sympathize. With six kids, she has spent a lot of time inventing shortcuts to manage the house, and she’s sharing them all.

sites household hacks and diy experts

Rachel and her team of mothers have a ton of household hacks to share with the world. It’s roughly divided into DIY ideas, organized home, cleaning tips, mom solutions, and recipes and food. But those are just broad headers. You’ll find hacks to get rid of kitchen odors, or storage tips to make the most of limited space.

If you’re new to One Crazy House, sign up for the newsletter. You can quickly unsubscribe from it

after you get the free 101 House Hacks ebook, which is a fantastic resource to have on your phone or print out.

For ten years now, Mique has been blogging about her seemingly endless list of hacks and DIY projects. And Thirty Handmade Days is a vast repository of printable sheets for organization or productivity.

sites household hacks and diy experts

Mique has divided the site into recipes (all of which are about shortcuts or making life easier), printables, crafts and DIY projects, parenting, and lifestyle. The printables section is the best of the lot, in our opinion. Mique has a knack for designing truly useful yet beautiful ways to organize anyone’s life.

If you like that type of organization, also check out the binders section. From why you should use a binder, to a printable binder full of charts for the whole year, you’ll never feel as organized as you do with this. If you prefer a digital system, you can replicate it to run your life like a boss with OneNote

Unclutterer’s motto perfectly sums up its philosophy: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” This amazing organizational blog is an ace at showing how to declutter your lives.

sites household hacks and diy experts

The staff does a great job of reviewing several products that seem to clean up your spaces. Before you make a trip to IKEA or order something on Amazon, check if Unclutterer has taken a look at it. You might just know whether it’s actually good or a lemon.

Apart from product reviews, Unclutterer probably has the solution for any problem you have. The search feature isn’t great, so do a site-specific search on Google

. If your problem is unique, write to Unclutterer and maybe get your answers through the Ask Unclutterer column.

The U.S. National Association of Realtors has put together a website for regular people to buy, sell, or improve their homes. Called HouseLogic, the site’s Organize and Maintain section has insider secrets from realtors.

sites household hacks and diy experts

The section is further divided into a few sub-categories: cleaning and decluttering, storage ideas and hacks, home maintenance tips, and DIY repair. You can also filter the section by room or by model so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. Not a homeowner? Don’t worry, there are plenty of tips for renters too, which don’t involve any installations you need permission for.

You can also browse the full site to learn more about buying or selling homes, credit and mortgage, and so on. It’s a good resource to learn about your rights and to avoid apartment and condo rental scams

What’s Your Best Holiday Household Hack?

The holidays usually means a bunch of people coming over, or you going to someone’s place. And there are decorations, gift-giving, and other tidbits involved.

What’s your best household hack for the holidays?

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